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About Kelley

Founder & President

Kelley is a speaker, author, advocate and survivor of human trafficking, domestic violence & sexual assault. She is now passionate about seeing those who have been beaten, broken, battered, and bruised become whole. This was the motivation for Kelley becoming that voice for those that don’t have a voice through her organization EmpowerU. Kelley is passionate about seeing survivors of trauma not just heal on the inside but on the outside as well. She has found that adding fitness and nutrition to the healing process has helped reduce stress, anxiety as well as benefiting the overall health & wellness of trauma survivors.

Kelley is also a Field Trainer with Truckers Against Trafficking and travels around the country training law enforcement about human trafficking and the “Victim Centered Approach” By sharing her own personal experience she is better able to train law enforcement about how victims become victims, why they stay and best practices for law enforcement when they encounter victims.

 Kelley has experience with providing training on Human Trafficking to churches, organizations, and the public in order to bring awareness of what human trafficking looks like.

Kelley hosted an online radio show which highlighted survivors and organizations for over three years in order to create a platform for human trafficking survivors to share their messages of hope as well as educate the public about human trafficking.

Kelley is an active member of the Zeta Amicae Auxiliary Bartlett TN chapter. Kelley has served her community for many years in various positions in local organizations.

Mrs. Alsobrook has earned her Associates Degree in Business Management and is currently working on her Personal Trainer/Nutritionist Certificate.

Kelley is fast becoming a well accomplished advocate for change!

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