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Shhh.I've Got a Secret

Kelley Alsobrook is a speaker, mentor, radio show host and advocate and survivor of human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault. In "Shhh...I've Got a Secret", Kelley shares how her childhood abuse made her easy prey for traffickers and predators due to her lack of self esteem and self confidence. She walks you through the darkness, depravity and violence that shaped her life, in order to share the wisdom and freedom she discovered by learning to shake off her secrets. Kelley pushed her way through the labels and limits of the world, to pursue God's love, grace and restoration for her life. The final section of this book contains scripture as well as thought provoking questions in order for the reader to gain their own inner healing from past trauma. Today, Kelley uses her voice to educate, empower, motivate, inspire and equip others.

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Every time I read a book written by a survivor of trafficking I am shocked by the similarities. Specifically, the childhood trauma's that occur. I think about how trafficking can actually be prevented by giving genuine care, love and kindness to our children.

"As if it were written on our foreheads" - Traffickers know who to target, they know who are most vulnerable and will be easiest to control. It starts in our childhood - prior to ever meeting our first trafficker.

Shhh.... I've Got A Secret is a great book if you want to know the mindset and heart of a trafficking victim. I highly recommend this book in order to understand. It's so easy to place blame on victims - the real challenge is to understand. Once you understand, then you have the power to help - and we all deserve and need help in our journey of life.

I acknowledge and thank the author, Kelley Alsobrook, for allowing us into her world.

Wendy B.

Kelley's book is unique in that it is much more than just her story. Kelley's book is also a workbook that guides you step by step through a healing journey for those who have lost all hope of ever feeling any sense of joy again. She has freely given from her heart, her own experience, strength and hope, the tools that helped her break the chains of her past. For anyone without hope....even those who have not been victims of human trafficking, it is a "book of hope". I will always admire you for how much of yourself you have given to others in this endeavor, dear friend and soul sister.

Many good wishes for today and many years to come!!


Kelley is a true diamond! Not just because she's beautiful, but because she is unbreakable. Having been to hell and back and risen like a phoenix, she is an inspiration to those that have walked in her shoes and a 'window of understanding' for those that have not. I recommend this book to everyone! Together, with understanding and wisdom, we can make this world a better place and to help those that have 'been there' understand they ARE worthy and amazing and wonderfully made.


Kim P

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